Sunshine Coast Investment Property

Sunshine Coast investment property is something more and more people are looking for. With its close proximity to Vancouver, and the climate being somewhat superior, it is an ideal place to buy investment property that can be used for retirement or vacationing in the years to come.

It is very common for people to purchase homes as investment properties and rent them out 'seasonally'. Typically there is a surge of rentals available every September - October with short term leases available. These leases usually end in May or June.

One would think that it would be difficult to find a tenant willing to stay for a 'short term', but these are usually superior rental homes.

Why? Because the owners take them back 2-4 months out of the year and do repairs and updates while they enjoy the property for themselves.

There is a very low vacancy at present on the Sunshine Coast, and while the rental rates are much lower than the Lower Mainland, there is still the opportunity to search out a home that may pay for itself through rental and provide you with a return on your investment.

If you are considering investing in residential property on the Sunshine Coast, many of the local realtors will be able to assist you. Check out the following directory links.

Gibsons Realtors * Sechelt Realtors *

There are other types of Sunshine Coast Investment Property as well, from businesses, commercial buildings and multiple residential projects there are lots of opportunities for those who are creative enought to see potential or have a specific direction they are looking to invest in.

The days of purchasing commercial property that will pay for itself through rental income are all but gone here on the coast, but if you keep your eyes open there are still some excellent deals.

In the last 12 months the commercial lease rate has increased on the coast, which is good news, as for years it didn't really seem to move. But of course with that comes increased pricing on the commercial side.

Any of the realtors in the directories above can also assist you with your commercial investment property needs.

There are no realtors that specialize in only commercial listings in any of the communities. They do both residential and commercial.

Good luck in your search, hoping you find the perfect investment property here on the Sunshine Coast.

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