Sunshine Coast Longboarding

Sunshine Coast Longboarding has come along way, thanks to Coast Longboards.

Longboarding has been compared to 'surfing on concrete'. It combines the feeling of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.

Longboards are usually between 90-150cm long, while shortboards are between 60-90cm. Besides being longer, longboards also have bigger wheels which are designed to make them easier to turn sharp corners.

Originating out of California in the 50's, this sport became really popular in the 60's and is also known as 'sidewalk surfing'.

There are clubs in Canada and the US for longboarders and races and events on an ongoing basis.

Coast Longboarding is known for the event that it puts on in Pender Harbour every year. Attack of Danger Bay This is one of the WORLDS LARGEST longboarding weekends. People come from all over the world to longboard here! The roads of the Pender Harbour area are perfect for longboarders, twisty, churning roads with lots of hills. This event usually takes place in May of each year and offers three days of boarding bliss.

Video - Attack of Danger Bay 6

Pender Harbour supports longboarding, but safety items and awareness are a must.

Downhill, slalom, distance, cruisers and dancers are all longboarding disciplines. Who would have thought?

To watch this sport is truly amazing, these guys fly! I can only imagine the rush they get going 40+mph on a board, on pavement! For more information you can check out the following links.

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Longboarding is a dangerous activity, make sure that you have adequate protective gear, including a helmet while riding.

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